We are urgently seeking £40,000 through Just Giving to ensure we continue until we hear the outcome of our Big Lottery Proposal.   

If we don't raise the funds we need by November, the project will end.

This money will help us to carry on delivering the activities programme for between 75 and 100 people for 4 months until we hear from the Big Lottery.   If their decision is negative, then we will use all the funds raised to extend the programme for as long as we can while we seek alternative sources of funding to sustain the project long term to maximise the benefit for our people and communities we serve.



Our biggest assets are our staff and our volunteers (three of whom won Volunteer Awards in our Volunteer Celebration event on 1st June, 2017!   We also contribute three minibuses, three allotments projects, gardening tools and music equipment and, helping us to achieve the best outcomes for our vulnerable people, we have fantastic relationships with local partnership organisations that enhance what we can do on our own!



"Being here has given me something to do each day. I've put on weight, I'm healthier. I would say it probably saved my life."

"Before I was quite unfit and ate quite badly.   With all the activities it has helped with my fitness and made me feel healthier."

"Before I would often just spend time alone in my room, away from others.   It was the isolation that was most difficult, being alone with your own thoughts and that.   Being at DOMINO has helped me meet new people, because I have no friends…I'd be gutted if it (DOMINO) had to close because we're all friends here and I don't have any other friends.   It's helped me make new friends and be around people.   Before I couldn't get on a bus on my own but now it's helped with my confidence and made me feel less alone."


Please don’t let the DOMINO Project end

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